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Ivanova S.P., Myasoedov A.I.
City manager versus public administrator in modern economic and social development: the case of Romania
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-03-09-18

Kanaev A.S.
Mentoring as a tool for personnel adaptation and development
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-03-19-25

Klimenko A.D.
Impact of digital twin technology on the production activities of enterprises
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-03-26-31

Kudrevich A.Yu.
Spatial analysis of transport accessibility of tourist infrastructure facilities in the Vologda region
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-03-32-43

Rozhkov E.V.
Digital technologies and mathematical methods of analysis
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-03-44-48


Lifanova T.E., Krivonosova Zh.V., Erokhov M.V.
The social role of digitalization in the formation of a universal culture and its impact on young people
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-03-49-58

Melnikov S.L., Emelyanov V.A., Poturaev D.S.
Sociological study of political image: indicators and media portrait
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-03-59-67

Shilina S.A., Solodkova A.V., Starchenko M.A.
Sociological study of the family life cycle
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-03-68-76


Blinova Yu.V.
Variability of the personal law of a legal entity
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-03-77-84

Vopilov N.N.
Acts of the court of cassation of general jurisdiction as judicial precedents: pros and cons
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-03-85-91

Gerasenkov V.M.
Explanations as a source of evidence in criminal proceedings
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-03-92-100

Rodina T.Yu., Kozin D.A.
Transaction as a special type of legal action
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-02-101-108