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Golovko K.I.
Prospects for the use of gold digital money in the Russian Federation
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-01-09-13

Ivanova S.P., Myasoedov A.I.
Changes in the digital economy and its impact on society
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-01-14-23

Rozhkov E.V.
The ability to control space and property in a municipality
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-01-24-34


Babosov E.M.
The cultural code of the nation: careful reproduction of the past and aspiration to the future
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-01-35-39

Gostenina V.I., Timofeeva V.A.
Corporate culture as a mechanism for conflict resolution in an organization
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-01-40-45

Yepremyan T.V., Brueva A.D.
A sociological study of the influence of the media on public opinion (using the example of the press)
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-01-46-52

Kazorina Zh.A., Shchegolyutin A.A.
Culture as a resource element of society’s life
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-01-53-61

Melnikov S.L., Poturaev D.S.
The image of a political leader as a social phenomenon and technologies of its formation
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-01-62-66

Starodubtseva N.A., Solodkova A.V.
Theoretical approaches to the definition family life cycle
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-01-67-76


Azarov D.V.
About some questions of the jurisdiction in bancruptcy cases of the citizens
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-01-77-84

Alekseev N.V.
Digital currencies in the banking maintenance of the debtor
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-01-85-90

Rodina T.Yu., Kozin D.A.
The phenomenon of will and expression of will in an invalid transaction
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2023-02-01-91-98