№1-2022 — Contents

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Belousov E.A., Belousova O.V., Karasev M.M., Kostenko E.I., Petuсhova E.P.
Research of the range of non-narcotic analgesics for veterinary use
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-01-9-15

Bespalov R.A. Martyshova G.R.
Modern optimization of the deposit operations policy of russian credit institutions
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-01-16-21

Igolnikova I.V.
Anti-crisis transformation of business in conditions of political turbulence
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-01-22-26

Rozhkov E.V.
Economic assessment of the introduction of a digital platform for municipal property management
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-01-27-36

Tachkova I.A., Batsyleva M.V.
Digital platforms in the sphere of procurement to provide state need
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-01-37-43


Guzeev A.N., Kazorina Zh.A.
Problems of personnel potential on the example of housing and communal services enterprises
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-01-44-49

Smirnova T.V.
Social marketing: factors and features of the perception of social oriented themes
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-01-50-54

Sycheva E.Yu., Bogomolova A.I., Evlash S.Yu.
The discourse of the history of sociology: the russian period of Pitirim Sorokin’s creativity
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-01-55-67


Bredikhin A.L.
First «tips» at the sources of the revolution
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-01-68-71

Raspopova T.A., Rozhkovskaya Y.I.
The history of the formation of the institute of linguistics examinations in Russia
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-01-72-82

Sakharova Ju. V., Debushevsky T.I.
Stocks and cryptocurrency as a subject for investment: a comparative study
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-01-83-87