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Igolnikova I.V. Chepikov E.V.
Development of the electric power industry in the context of digitalization
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-02-9-13

Mandron V.V., Dudina A.G.
Inflation targeting policy as a monetary policy tool of the national bank
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-02-14-18

Mityuchenko L.S., Barsuk A.A.
Banking system in the conditions of digital communication development
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-02-19-25

Rozhkov E.V.
Economic justification of the application of new technologies in economic management of municipal education
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-02-26-34


Yepremyan T.V., Rogovenkina E.A.
A sociological study of the social support system for families with children (regional experience of the Bryansk region)
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-02-35-45

Kazorina Zh.A.
Corporate culture: reflection of the status values of the organization’s staff
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-02-46-50

Mamedov A.K.
Truth in social knowledge: modern optics
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-02-51-56

Sycheva E.Yu., Kirpichenko A.M.
Approaches to the interpretation of socialization
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-02-57-64


Artamonov A.N., Petuxova D.C.
On non-normative legal acts of the executive authorities of the Bryansk region
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-02-65-69

Bredikhin A.L., Viktorov A.V., Simonchuk E.R.
Preserving the historical truth about the Great Patriotic war as a state task
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-02-70-78

Sakharova Ju. V., Gribchenko I.S.
The concept and features of corporations in Russian legislation
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-02-79-86