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Belousov E.A., Zakirova L.R., Shentseva E.A., Belouosova O.V.
Marketing examination of drugs with homeopathic dosages in the local
pharmaceutical market

DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-03-9-16

Druzhinina V.D.
Basics principles of SCRUM methodology for project management
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-03-17-21

Ilina I. Yu.
Professional burnout of university teachers: factors of occurrence and ways of prevention
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-03-22-27

Smirnova T.V.
ESG-principles in the work of russian enterprises: prospects and implementation
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-03-28-33


Yepremyan T.V., Krivonosova Zh.V.
Sociological parameters of discursive technologies for working with the elderly in social service institutions
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-03-34-41

Lifanova T.E, .Babenko E.S.
A sociological study of the problems of children with disabilities
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-03-42-50

Shilina S.A., Kirpichenko A.M.
Sociology of everyday life: the study of social and everyday problems of students
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-03-51-59


Alekseev N.V., Gorbachev А.А.
Some aspects of concluding a loan agreement under russian legislation
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-03-60-64

Gorbachev А.N., Zholnerova L.K.
Children left without parental care as children in need of state assistance
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-03-65-70

Mazurin V.V., Mirzoev A.O.
Currency control as a basis for bringing to administrative responsibility for violation of currency legislation
DOI 10.22281/2542-1697-2022-01-03-71-75